Today is the last day of Feb, 2014. I feel that time passes fast on Jan.-Mar. every year. Especially, the last month and this month passed fastest in my life. What I've done is studying and annoying, sometimes walking and praying. I was worrying about the last examination and two examinations left. But after taking the examination, I'm not worrying so much. Because that is over, and I have nothing to do for this any more. And, I got a good news. Though I would go to the my mother's working university, I have to pay only 40% discount of the entrance fee and the tuition for family discount. That made me relieved so much. I'll be free in two weeks. I'm pleased with that.

In the end of summer one year ago, hearing the news my grand father dead, I and my mother hurried to Kochi. In the car, I listened to "Big Chief." At first, we were in a hurry, but this song made us calm down. From Hiroshima, we couldn't get there even if we hurried so much. This song reminded us that. We started talking about my grand father. My mother spoke a lot of stories about him. I didn't know most of all. Some of the stories were good, the others were rather bad. I knew my grand father was not always so a good person for the first time. I laughed at that, because I'd believed my grand father was sure to be a great person. He was particular about the fame. I thought those might be brought by his experience of the war. He couldn't go to the front because of his lack of education. He was sure to be mortified. He made his children go to the university though he didn't earn enough money. He was a reckless and impetuous person. I was relieved. And I said, "I might resemble him the most." My mother said, "You might do so, but it's also good." Our face became calmly. We spent a good time in the car hurrying to Kochi. The time remembering my grand father made us love him more.

It's necessary to be relieved. I feel I got relaxed finally. I got guts in my new mind. But I'll be worrying in the next morning. I'll accept that.

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