In the morning

My eyes are full of stars, but I just can't reach 'em... oh, how high they are
I got to believe what I'm seeing - ooh, maybe it could come true
But in a modern world that can be so hard to do
I feel so homesick, where's my home, where I belong, where I was born
I was told to go where the wind would blow and it blows away
I wake up, rise to the sun, I go to work and I come back home
(Rise to the Sun)

I usually wake up in the morning while listening a radio show full of good music. But in the next moment, I get tired of complains coming from the radio. Complains, which are insisted by the radio audiences, were almost about social claim, especially, about a Tokyo gubernatorial election in this week. Turn off the radio, I wash myself thinking about why they hold no programs concentrated on good music. They are complaining too much every morning, and they seems to be drunk with their words. I guess, I had better stop listening, but I can't. Every morning, I have breakfast while thinking there are so many people who want to speak. I might have been so, too. I apt to complain too much, and I hate that in the same time. Even now, I'm afraid of myself if I'm a person like that. I wish I were a modest person. Recently, I'm careful of my thought. I'm impressed the famous words by Mother Teresa.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words,
Be careful of your words, for your words become your deeds,
Be careful of your deeds, for your deeds become your habits,
Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character,
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.

Speaking of "Complaining", my older sister send me a mail about my aunts' complaining to my parents. Three sisters of my father usually complain about something. Now, everyday they say an objection for the way of treat their mother. My parents use some public care service, like a short-term entrance medical treatment care positively, they have their job to do. But my aunts complaining to using them, regardless their mother doesn't hate be treated so much. My aunts say "It's because our mother hates joining some group! Have you ever imagined our mother's feeling?" Their insists are so ridiculous, I think. Because they don't raise their hands to run for taking care of their mother. They really only want my parents to ask, and want my parents to care about themselves. But my parents can always deal with their complains perfectly. I guess, that add to their discontents. Besides, my parents have a thought of caring not to shut herself in her room, but to open to make ventilation better. I'm completely agree with my parents' thought respectably, but my aunts can't be agree. "I made up my mind to do everything in the way I can do, because I'm too busy to pay their complains. I can't adopt their suggestion if they are not in practice," she said on the cell-phone at her office in Hiroshima. But I sometimes imagine that in my aunts' position, what I would do? My mother is so powerful and tough. I'm proud of her.

Well, well, well...
I should stop thinking too much, I should do what I should do. Today is already Thursday.

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