Completely healthy.

My teeth have completely finished being treated today. In a very shameful thing, I have pyorrhea. I think, probably it's the result of my once irregular life. I had had the dentist in my home town examine my teeth when I had stayed there. He is the dentist who is good so that there is the person who visits him from other towns. He believes the healing power of nature, therefore, when he judges it to be able to be improved by toothbrushing and patient is not need it, he doesn't try to treat by force. In addition, he said "you can feel the pain during my treating your teeth. It's the result of your laziness, I think you have to know the pain actually. How do you think?" So, I took him treat some of my teeth without anesthesia. He preaches me on the importance of teeth every time I saw him. I understood that very very much. And I really really thought, "irregular life is not good for my teeth, for my body, for my health, for my mind, and for my life." About three months ago, I had a toothache and swelled up. I'd already lived here, and I had to change my dentist. At that time, a wisdom tooth brought me the pain. It was easy to remove the pain. And by the advice of new dentist, I decided to have the dentist treat my teeth completely. There are so many dentists, and I have been waited so long time. I have never been preached by someone, and I have never felt pain. It was easy and comfortable to get over. But I thought "Is it really good?" Today, I went the dentist and said to the dental technician "I'm ashamed of taking you examination my teeth actually. Because it's similar to taking you examination my life." She said, "You are good at toothbrushing and you are a good patient that come without skipping. You don't have to be ashamed of that. Your pyorrhea is improving day by day." I was appreciated.

There was a finer life .
When I was with my friends and I could always see my family.
That's what I still want now.
Even if I'm here and I know they won't be waiting.
(Still Sound)

Actually, my interest to medical care was brought by the dentist at my home town. Though I thought that he is taking trivial things too seriously at first. I understand that there is nothing to lose in myself. If I lost my health, I would also lose the health of my mind. Or, if I lost the health of my mind, I would also lose my health. If I know the best way, and if I try to take this way, I should do the best to improve myself. We call the method "Correction". Sometimes, I should correct myself even if the way brings some pains. In the drama "THE WIRE", someone said "Give the courage that is going to change and wisdom to know that I change" in the scene of the meeting of the drug dependency. I murmured that again.

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