"It makes me glad that I'm not dead"

Water Spirit feelin' springin' round my head
Makes me glad that I'm not dead
(Witchi Tai To)

My dear friends' wedding was held last September. It rained until the day before, sun had been hidden with a very heavy cloud, and, according to the weather report, it was suppose to rain. But, it was a very clear day. Everyone thought it be a good sign. The ceremony held in the garden was so naturally and extremely pleasing. The traditional music that said grace for something played there. It was something religiously, earthly, I thought it matched the atmosphere. I heard it for the first time, after even two or three months, this music had been running in my head.

"That song's name is 'Witchi Tai To'", my friend taught me. It's a song for the joy of living. My friend continued with so big smile, "Your life will turn out fine because you know this music!"


It is another about two weeks until I try for entrance. The National Center Test, it seems to be said so, on January, I have done better than I had expected. Although I say so, the result were not enough to decide continuing challenging to "the 1st plan". My 2nd plan is to be a pharmacist. Second test, I wish it be the last, I will have tests of Mathematics and Chemicals. Everyone already know, I had not majored in them, and, I learned them through self-education. It's unbelievable that I can draw some graphic formulas of carbohydrate. There are few national universities with Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. So, it's still hard for me. Anyway, it's a big challenge.

I think about being a pharmacist again. My father, who is the only pharmacist in my hometown, said "you do not have to take over my job." I'd never thought about my family business, but spending time at home, I realized the importance of my father's job there. He always cares for his clients, and is looked up to by them. Thinking carefully, my mother also worked for building healthy town, it seems strange none of their children work for medical. Whenever I walk through the town, everyone said to me "I'm grateful to your father (or mother)." I wonder why I have not chosen same way. There are some doctors, certainly medical system, but after my dad retirement, there are no pharmacist. I know, certainly, someone will employ someone in order to be fully equipped with a perfect medical system. I don't need to worry about this. But all of his effort so far seems to be wasted.

...Even if I think in various ways or reasons, it will come out to be what it should be.

you better bring yourself, bring yourself


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