Good taste, Bad taste.

I was surprised that it was so interesting, when I helped my mother's works. My mother worked as a boss at a regional welfare and health center. My mother's works had a lot of limitations, but she tried to make the best, the most interested, the most useful, and the newest for inhabitants while keeping limitations. For example, forest therapy project, the illegal taxi sea project. In addition, she tried to build the operation systems what everyone could work in. When I watched that, I thought what I'd thought creative was not so creative. I wanted to do like her. Several years ago, my parents discussed the way to make my father's patients take medicine correctly. Some patients forget taking medicine, some patients take unnecessary medicine without taking necessary medicine, some patients take all medicine for a week once. They talked about the service for alarming to do. Their talks seem to be boring to one side, but that boring things were so important in fact. I seem to be interested in what is called unremarkable things. "Make unremarkable world remarkable. What makes it possible is own spirit."

It's so easy to find "good design" in the world now. There are so many "good photograph", "good text", etc. It's too easy to be interesting no more. It's too many to be surprised or pleased. Before I knew it, it's ordinary that everything is good taste. On the contrary, it may be so difficult to find awful taste. Everyone is chasing to find or make something smooth, and they seem to want to be smooth persons. Even at a convenience store, I can choose a simple and refined packages. Some creators are looking for something more unique or more interesting, and they are looking for the way to be more useful creators. I envy them for keeping their guts. I don't think it's bad. I don't hate even if there would be something smooth more. In fact, I like "good design."

But when I imagine that "good design" spreads in the country where only the elderly person lived, "good design" seem to be like a cancer. I mean,... it seems to that spreading "good design" is the equalization of their culture, the equalization of the culture means the equalization of the life. Some say "Good design will help to make an unremarkable country town remarkable. It will help to increase young generation, and it will help to prosper the town." In the words, "good design" means "the commercial." Once, I'd drunk the words. But every variable country towns' face would have been made the same face,... I can't imagine anything but that the equalization does change the place to spread from the urbanization to the commercial. As for me, chasing something new seems to be boring. Even now, sometimes I feel "Again??" when I come across the good design, mostly organic-like things. Therefore, it can't help our variable country town to be unique and adorable. Or, the times rotate, do the tastes rotate too? Or, the times rotate, do they change the way to unique. Or, what I see now might become the ordinary things. Anyway, leave the "good taste" things up to someone, I should do what I can do.

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