About my favorite.

My favorite radio program is "KUMA POWER HOUR with Utada Hikaru". It's a monthly program of InterFM (mostly, my radio--cell phone-- is tuned this channel. My cell phone is used as a radio more than as a phone). I wonder how I can express it. Though her condition is unstable, especially of her heart, and she sometimes skips her turn, but I like all of her way. In her program, she speaks Japanese and English. She talks in a calm voice, and she never force to take emotional way. I also like her way of speaking and talking. This program is made at her home and has a rough but polite feel. She is more modest and more intelligent than her image I'd had. And there is something melancholy about her, all the more it can suggest the depth of her mind. Once she had introduced her favorite female vocal songs, saying "I don't like my voice, my way of singing. I wish I could sing like them." It was an impressive story to me. I thought she is the only one who can say that "I don't like Utada Hikaru's voice". On her latest program, she introduced three works of Rhye. They also have been my favorite, so I was excited. She described them using the impressive words. "Of course his voice is great, too. Their lyrics are so sweet, but their using ways are not idiot ways but simple and sexy, touching, intelligence ways." (Though she had used words to come better, I couldn't catch correctly...) Rhye songs match her program. I'm so jealous of her, because her describing fitted to the world drawn by Rhye perfectly.

I'm a fool for that shake in your thighs.
I'm a fool for that sob in your sighs.
I'm a fool for your belly.
I'm a fool for your love.

Don't run away, don't slip away my dear.
Don't run away, don't slip away my dear.
(The Fall)
*"The Fall" was the monthly theme song of "World Rock Now (by Yoichi Shibuya @NHK FM)".
Unfortunately, I missed Shibuya's describing about this. Surely, he must have mentioned his voice and lyrics.

I didn't remember how I knew this song, maybe I listened it on the radio. I was moved deeply while listening at first time. I could feel their sounds have the sense I'm touching directly by hand, it was rough or soft, smooth, sometimes sticky, and kept running through in my mind. Or, their songs floated into my mind with their beautiful touch. Surely many people would think so.

*According to Hikaru's describing, it's super relax song.

Love is beautiful, and sex is beautiful,
and I don't think those things should be shown in a grotesque way.
I'm just attempting to express love and sensuality in a very honest way.


At first, I didn't know that "Rhye" and "Milosh" are the same singer,
I was confused, and I thought "I like both of them. But only by listening to their voice I'll not be able to tell which it is, forever."

*After all the examinations, I will check this video.

So many people try to describe Rhye's or Milosh's world. I think, Rhye or Milosh draws "LOVE SCENE" directly, and in the same time, he is looking for the way to fit their "LOVE" more. Therefore, his sounds seem to be beyond "LOVE" and beyond describing. Once touching his beautiful world, we doubt "there may be anything more in more depth?". Being touched by him is so comfortable, and we are melted in his world, so we can't go away.

Listening some music and being touched by them is one of the most important parts of my life now. So, I felt like pinning all of them in my heart. (To tell the truth, I know I'm not good at describing music)


I'm sorry for my journal written in shaky English.
If you find a mistake, please tell me secretly.

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