Don't hold back.

It's a very very beautiful day, today!, though a wind is cold a little. The climate in Kochi is so nice and warm. I'd forgotten about how warm the winter in Kochi is, I was surprised. Sky is almost dark blue, not light blue, even though it's winter. I couldn't believe the radio personality (@Tokyo) said "This winter is the coldest for the past few years. Is 'global warming' true?" I felt it strange not only because they say that every winter, but because it's warm in Kochi. For me, it seemed to be the warmest winter, so as to worry about global warming. Anyway, it's an amazing for me that it's warm. I feel like walking under the blue sky today like this.

I usually go for a walk to the usual Shrine. I usually try to pray for my succeed in the examination, but I almost can't imagine the direct word for pray, the most I can do is murmuring "I'll do my best. Please look over me." My very words will vanish into the air with my dearest wish that I can't put into the words.








"Commercial expressing a concept and an image has taken the place of the direct message like Kobayashi-seiyaku, don't you think?", a comedian said in the mid-night radio program. I had believed it effective method to express message of the product has, in the old time. But this way would be rather disgusting way. Desires included in there always ooze out from a good looking lid. When we perceive desires hidden, we usually suspect there must be things hidden more. Frank message ("please be popular", "please be cured", or so on) would be better. "One day, they cannot cover their own impatience from themselves that they tried to put it into 'praying'." I think so, too. So I mean, I should pray in a direct word. It would be comfortable, especially, the day like this.

give me all you got, don't hold back
well I should probably warn you I'll be just fine
no offense to you don't waste your time



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