The inside of my head became hollow, after hearing a sudden notice that he died of cancer. I have no words to express my feeling correctly. Or, it's an unexpected affair, I can't believe. Is it a really thing?? He was one of my few clients. He had too much enthusiasm, and was bothersome a little. He always understood my silly ideas favorably, and expanded or reshaped them to fit into his product more. He always pretended stupid to heap up us. The day before his presentation, we always stayed up all night long to finish his works. He gave in sleepiness at the very first, after we completed the work, he woke up on the floor. Or, sometimes, he also stayed up, and he suddenly started collecting new ideas, it was awful. Because we almost finished it. He was a troublesome guy, but all the more we love him. He never bored us in many ways. When we were at a loss for an idea and got so tired, we went the Tachinomi near by our office. We called it "it's a refresh," but we usually drunk too much at last. That reminds me, we had hit an awesome idea when we were drinking. I murmured any keywords floating in my head, and he picked up several of those. That really became lively, we went back to the office in a hurry, and we collected the story of ideas. I and he were so excited that everybody in our office were disgusted at our conversation. Totally, he was a lovely guy. I've ever met him since I returned to Kochi. So, it sounds a bad joke. I can't even go his funeral. Before the terrible affair, I should have seen him. I didn't know that he was fighting against cancer. I didn't know that such a mess thing happened. Is it really??? It must be a joke. I promise never to blame, please tell me it's just a lie. I can't even cry.

I like OASIS the best of his favorites. Maybe, he had sang this song at KARAOKE.



I can't believe that in any way. So, it must be strange, in spite of myself, I checked his page on Facebook. His latest journal was on January 31 2014, he introduced his favorite, Bruce Springsteen. It is just the last thing. There is no journal to tell about his disease. I couldn't believe at all. But during this morning, his old friends sent their comments, like "It is Bruce Springsteen which you liked" "I bought it just because you said so," to the last journal. Their comments made me realize that is exactly true, and I got very lonely. He is 44. He is too young to die.

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