Morning comes.

When you wake up early in the morning,
And you work like devils in the sun.
Time slips away without warning,
But freedom day will come.
(Soul Captives)

After the examination, I sent some e-mails with waiting for a bus to Kochi. One of them was to my sister. I said "The examination has just ended. I did better than I thought." She said "was relieved. I couldn't sleep last night for worrying about you." I was appreciated to her. My this adventure was brought by her casual words. If I were in her place, I couldn't sleep last night, too. Besides, I was surprised that so many parents of examinee came with them. My parents didn't come with me, even to my junior high school. I heard my mother had been to my sister's examination, I was surprised more. When I was at cafe in hotel waiting for a bus, some examinee and their parents were spending their time at cafe too. Maybe, children are to have interview (they have to be interviewed if they take the examination of the medical department). Parents seemed to be worrying more than their children. I was sorry for them. They can't be relieved yet.

I bought some magazines and books, I rode on the bus. I come home. And new morning will come again.

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