All eyes on us.

I've loved this video since I was 11 or 12 years old. Arto Lindsay, with the thick glasses like a bottom of the milk bottle, looked so cool to me. But I've fallen in love with him, and I watched it repeatedly many times even if a videotapes wears out. I can't explain the reason correctly. I didn't think that I could understand what is trend or traditional, or something, something..

I guess, at that time, disco music was trend, and my sister usually listened euro beat. My sister always recorded the programs of music, and sometimes, she showed me several of them. This was one of them. When I watched it, I totally forgot love for J-ROCK or J-POP, I became glue to his thick glasses. I was shocked, and thought, "such cool guys they are." I remember that my sister said "they are so strange, don't you think?", I asked "Yeah, they are so exciting." ---I don't remember how many times I did watch it. I don't remember how was this videotape going.

This was just like that. I watched "NICO ICON" when I was a college student. They are so crazy, always have some problems. It is not too much to say "they are so ugly". But they also their special aesthetic sense in their mess life, that is also shockingly about to appeal acutely to me. I could not stop heart-beating. My tastes change a lot easily, but it returns to them at last.

I totally like someone who believe their own mind without caring about other's opinions (they never refuse it without any conditions). Their doing looks so attractive without fading even now. They are different from me. I'm scared of those. Because of that, I write this blog in English, though I am not good at English. It may not be so bad to accept that I'm the one who care about other's eyes. It is easy to say, but it's difficult to practice.

When we up in the club, all eyes on us.
See the boys in the club, they watching us.
Everybody in the club, all eyes on us.
(Scream & Shout)

By the way, is there famous or respected works that made with aiming for low visibility in which public notice is avoided?

I received the notification of success in the examination. I could secured where to go. Relieved.

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