Still, Strong

Just before I quitted my job for the magazine, I heard "It's too late" at a bar, at a restaurant, and anywhere. It might have been by chance, or I might have cared for that too much. But I'd felt that Carol King had sung for me, and my feelings had been melted. The other day, when I walked to the Shrine, I heard "Not too late" from my earphone. I stayed there for a while, I listened it carefully. I wondered "why they know the best time to sing for me?" Though I knew that both of those were the songs for love, I was moved so much regardless of the theme of those songs. I could not have passed and I'm so frustrated, but I'm surprised that I'm not disappointed less than I've been afraid. I was relieved from the worrying. And my goal seemed to be more simple and clearer. Tomorrow, I'll leave for Tokushima to take the last chance again. Even if I failed that (most likely), I could not be destroyed completely. After the information of rejection, my mother suggested me of the additional plan. It also seemed to be wonderful, but I am going to walk my way certainly. I'm disappointed surely, but I understand it's only one step. The name of that is surely important, but I understand that it's more important what I do. In addition, I'm not dead. While trying to something, I wanted to run to higher, but I understood that walking certainly has few difference from that. I imagined the life in Hiroshima. It also seemed to be fun. I'm looking forward to graduating from this examinee life in three days.

My lungs are out of air,
Yours are holding smoke,
And it's been like that now for so long.
I've seen people try to change,
And I know it isn't easy,
But nothin' worth the time ever really is.
(Not too late)

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