No time to murmur.

Well, it is revealed that it is departure by another two days and I was tense suddenly. The reason is I thought on Friday for sixth and on Tuesday today for third. I was surprised to know today was already fourth. I don't have time to prepare, besides I have no time to murmur something! While saying so, I found my friend's ironical phrase of "there are full of things like poem in Japan" in FB. I don't know why he said so, I could not repress laughter because what he said perfectly fit to my feeling.

I don't care if it hurts
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice
when I'm not around
You're so fucking special
I wish I was special

I have delated many my journals so far. Whenever I try to write something good, I feel that I seem to cheat something, and I feel walking in the fairyland. I mean, though they were exactly true stories, the outline of the story I made was slightly different from the depth of the story. I'm wondering about the difference. Between the lines or silence, I cannot stop finding the discomforts. Sometimes, some smooth phrases seem to be armed to the teeth while saying "Please love me." Well, it's about time to go back to prepare.

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