Extra Mile.

Today, I finished all of my examination. I learned that it's very difficult to pass the entrance examination and I should respect all of the university student. Actually, I've thought it was easier, and I may have looked down on even the famous universities. Even if some of them might be so talented, but most of them must have made their best effort to archive their aim. I give up in this time because it's about time to go next. In this long journey, I realized and learned so many things except studying. I wrote it many times, it was the hardest thing that I had had so much time to re-think about myself. I could not cure of all, but some are accepted by myself, some are improved. It became clear I'm not a genius and I could not do everything completely. I came to understand that positively. It makes no sense to the others and even myself whether I'm a genius or a fool. So I'm satisfied with all of that. Now, I'm filled with excitement. I will sell all of my text books to the secondhand bookstore tomorrow. Though all of my examination was over, next mission is waiting for me now. My second season has just started now.

What you gonna do when you get out of jail?
I'm gonna have some fun
What do you consider fun?
Fun, natural fun
(Genius of Love)

After received the notification of success in the examination, I have thought of my next goal. First of all, I would like to find a sustainable way of life. That needs something fun, satisfaction, excitement, movement, some dramatical things,... When I made the catalogue of nursing goods, I was surprised there is no fun in shopping. On the contrary, that seemed to be dismal and preaching. Though I know that they usually think aging is sadness because it means becoming less able and becoming too clear the only one goal, and though I know that it's different from taking care of children in the point of that, I thought it must be more exciting. At least, I want to be more excited when I take care of my parents. Yet, I have no idea how I can learn the way. I'm excited with Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and I might be able to find the way. But if I can, it is important to have another view. So, as my mother said, I'll try to search the way to go to a graduate school in the same time. I think it might be important to take my margin away while learning, in addition, if I can have another view, I will be able to think about that more freely. Surely, I should know it is the first way that I go to the university to pass the national examination. So I would give up at once if it's impossible. Anyway, because mother recommends it with much effort, I'll try it. Except that, there are many ideas to do. I'm so exciting, I can't wait. Until April comes, I have nothing to do in a hurry, so I'll go back to hometown to take care of my grandmother. Though I would like to do while learning what a care is, she goes to the nursing facility in daytime, and she may sleep most of time at night. So I can not do nothing but play the video game to prepare the game with my nephew. I will be bored soon... I'll prepare to study in daytime.

Running after fantasies
When all we got right here's for real
A dirty city on the sea 
Mighty fine dope playground to me
I heard you got a bike, two wheels
Near you got the swell and me 
U can gimme a ride 
Play it summer delight
Go the extra mile
Im sure you'll find
some time to play 
lets conquer the world
Mercy Mercy me
Lets follow the sun and go out
Before we turn into dust lets go out
I'm talking 'bout a thirsty turkey please
Let's borrow a boat and sail out
Before there's oil everywhere let's sail out, away out
(Extra Mile)

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